I’m Susan Herman. All the good pictures of me are in front of signs.

Bumpass Hell trail sign

…and this one’s a few years out of date (baby bump is younger kid in picture below). At Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.

About the only time I get my picture taken at all is when I’m on a road trip with my family.

Ivan, Camilla, Robinson, and Susan Herman at Empire Mine State Park, CA, November 24 2012

At Empire Mine State Park near Grass Valley, CA.

And when we get back there is a slide show.

Growing up, I learned from visiting my grandparents that a polite guest asks (especially if a slide show is imminent), “Can I bring refreshment ICE CREAM, or anything?”

So in this blog I show and tell about travels, hikes, day trips, tidbits from the family archives…and I churn in everyday stuff that may one day make a good memory. My partner in travel, beer, life, and everything, Ivan Herman, has contributed a few lines¬† here as well. Enjoy!